top o’ the marnin’ t’ yuz, and remaining on topic

An Irishman approached the foreman at a job site to ask whether work might be available.

“I note you’re Irish,” said the foreman.

“Aye,” said the Irishman.

“Well, if you want to work in construction, you have to tell me the difference between a girder and a joist.”

“Aye,” said the Irishman.  “Girder was German and Joist was Irish.”






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FDR & Hitler were still alive when I was born, but just barely. Raised to be a snob, especially about words -- how they're used and pronounced and spelled. Retired from office work but not from Glossophilia. Travel quite a bit, often revisiting sites I already like (cf. re-reading favorite books). I listen to opera and other classical music, AKA 'good' music, and go to concerts & operas in NYC and on my travels. I take a lot of photographs. I am very close to a younger sister who lives nearby and have an elderly dachshund. I am nowhere nearly as snobbish about red wines as about words, writing, speaking and behavior, but then I know a lot less about red wines.

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