You say beefsteak, I say cherry


Let’s face it: Brits and Americans speak a different language. And often, it’s all about size and number …


Stone/pebble Rock



Rock Rock


Prawn Shrimp


Shrimp Shrimp


small (drink) tall / medium (drink)


large (drink) grande / venti / SUPERSIZE (drink)

24 degrees (grab the suncream) 75 degrees (grab a sweater)


Size 12 Size 10


Maths Math


Sport Sports


First floor Second floor


Two a penny A dime a dozen


A penny for your thoughts Here are my two cents



Fancy a cuppa? Take five!


And it’s not just size or number; sometimes,  it’s all about the tense:


Momentarily (past) Just for a second (past)


In a second (future) Momentarily (future)




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