Chris Hardwick on you’re and your …



There was a profoundly important moment at last night’s Emmy Awards: when Chris Hardwick got up and gave the world’s internet trolls a dressing down for not getting their grammar right.

“There’s one very important message and I wanted to use the Emmy stage as a global stage to get this message out  … It’s very important … I want them to listen … This is very important, trolls, please. Understand what I’m about to tell you, and write it down. ‘Your’ — Y-O-U-R — is a possessive pronoun. ‘You’re’ — Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E — is the contraction of ‘you are’. As in ‘you’re bad at your grammar.’ Thank you.”

Thank you, Chris. And internet trolls: learn your lesson well. We’re watching you …

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