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A writers trivia quiz for a Sunday afternoon. A couple of the questions are fairly easy; a couple not so easy. (I’ll be interested to see if anyone gets the bonus one; my daughter reckons no-one will.) Answers will be posted here next Sunday, along with the names of anyone who guesses all four (or five) correctly. If you’ve worked any of them out, please write the first letter(s) of the key word(s) summarizing the answer in the comments section below: i.e. be cryptic — no spoilers. Good luck!

1. What do these four writers have in common? (Clue: where)


Oscar Wilde

Victor Hugo

D.H. Lawrence

2. What do these five writers have in common? (Clue: names)

Stephen King

Joyce Carol Oates

C. S. Lewis

Louisa May Alcott

Charlotte Bronte

3. What do these three writers have in common? (Clue: character)

Henry James

Judith Krantz

F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. What do these four writers have in common: (Clue: movie adaptation)

Graham Greene

Dylan Thomas

Edward Albee

Christopher Marlowe

Bonus question: What do these five writers have in common? (Clue: name of John Le Carré regulars in vanity publication?)

Leo Tolstoy

George Bernard Shaw

Henrik Ibsen

Anthony Trollope

Mark Twain


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5 thoughts on “Writers trivia quiz

  1. Louise Post author

    Brava, Jane! (Although Glosso had slightly different but related answers for 1. and 4. – but I can see what you’re thinking.) 5. can be worked out from the (cryptic) clue …


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