BBC’s Christmas Grammar Guru quiz

Santa / Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a fun grammar quiz from the BBC.

I got one question wrong. I wonder if other Glossophiles are puzzled by the same question, which I think has two correct answers and not just one (see below for the question in question, and I promise not to spoil it).


Question 9: I think the answer might depend on whether you’re British or American, or on which dictionary you prefer for reference …


2 thoughts on “BBC’s Christmas Grammar Guru quiz

  1. Archie

    I got them all right, but I thought that both answers to #3 could be correct (“The brandy butter, which was on fire, burnt Rudolph,” vs. “The brandy butter that was on fire burnt Rudolph”). The former describes a singular brandy butter, but the latter could be discerning between multiple brandy butters, all but one of which are not on fire.


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